eco-Blockchain Workshop


Eco Participants-Workshop: A Federated eco Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform. This workshop was conducted jointly by the Blockchain Team Kevin Wittek and Tina Marquardt.

The starting point for the considerations for this project was that the eco association unites a large number of Internet service providers and Internet infrastructure providers. As part of the workshop, a group was put together that operates a shared “eco blockchain”.  

Workshop participants fleshed out the following aspects:

  • Is there a need for such a blockchain and how big is the market potential?
  • Are there sufficiently realistic business models and applications that can be operated from such a system?
  • How can you sensibly incentivize and monetize the operation of the blockchain?
  • What does a sensible governance model for a consortium blockchain look like?
  • What are the technical requirements? (Consensus algorithm, interoperability, security standards etc.)

The system was intended to have the following characteristics:

  • From eco members, for eco members, open to third parties
  • Ensuring autonomous and rapid further development
  • Open and transparent collaboration among members
  • Blockchain as an infrastructure and middle-layer protocol as well as a basic building block for trustworthy systems (managed service, platform as a service, enabler for “distributed trust”)
  • The distributed nature of blockchain technology should enable stable scaling across a growing number of participants  


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